Nettex Ecalm

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A non-magnesium based, natural calmer with a prebiotic like functionality. Developed by veterinary surgeons and scientists with proven results*. Supports gut functionality and the maintenance of healthy skin and coat.

Results published in Veterinary Times  2016 & 2018: eCalm was shown to significantly decrease the high behavioural scores of horses in a recent trial. Behaviour including kicking, nervousness, excitability, ears back, tenseness and unwilling to work dramatically decreased within two weeks in horses that were fed eCalm.

Directions for use:

Use once daily in feed.
Amount to be fed daily based on weight of the horse:
350kg 13hh 15gm (1 level scoop)
500kg 15hh 20gm (1.5 level scoops)
750kg 17hh 25gm (2 level scoops)

Ingredients: fermented wheatgerm

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