Nettex Coat Shine

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Multi-purpose, long lasting, non-oily coat dressing that provides a stunning high shine finish. Premium quality formulation that seals the coat and hair. Very economical as a little goes a long way. Can be used on a regular basis to help prevent stable and grass stains from becoming in-grained, especially through winter. Use as a pre-clipping spray to reduce lines on clean coats. Suitable for all colours and coat types. Long lasting formula.
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• Non-oily formulation that seals and coats hair repelling dust, dirt.

• Used on a regular basis can prevent stable and grass stains from becoming inground especially through the winter.

• Can be applied to all colours and coat types, long lasting formula.

• Ideal to use as a pre-clipping spray when applied to a clean coat to reduce clipping lines. Clipper blades will still need to be oiled.

• Ideal to use in winter under rugs and neck covers to avoid rubbing to shoulders, neck, mane and hips.

Directions for use: Shake well before use. Brush away any excess dirt and dust from the coat before application. Spray over the horse’s head, neck and body evenly, taking care not to saturate the coat, and leave to dry for a few minutes.

Please Note: Do not apply under the saddle if being ridden as may cause the saddle to slip.

Key ingredients: An aqueous blend containing conditioners and moisturisers.

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