Riding hat fitting and size charts

A perfectly fitting hat is one of the fundamentals of safe riding - if your in the the Leicestershire/Warwickshire area then do reach out if you would like a personal hat fitting where we can visit you at home or the yard and take some time out to go through different designs of hats and of course sizes. It's fair to say that hats from different brands in the same size do fit differently and so the size charts below really are just a guide.

How to measure for a new hat?

head circumference
Measure the circumference of the head with a tape measure. You need to measure just above the ears and across the middle of the forehead about 2.5 cm above the eyebrows. You must not stretch the measuring tape across the neck, but must stay on the skull.

Don't have a measuring tape?
You can use a string to measure, which you then measure with a ruler or folding rule.


Adult hat size chart (UVEX)
52-55 CM            XXS-Small      
55-57 CM             Small-Medium
57-59 CM Medium-Large
59-61 CM                   Large


Adult hat size chart (Whitaker)

51-54 CM XS
52-56 CM       Small
57-60 CM             Medium
58-62 CM       Large


Adult and Kids hat size chart (Gatehouse)
52 CM 00
53 CM 0
54 CM 0 1/2
55 CM 1
56 CM 1 1/2
57 CM 2
58 CM 2 1/2
59 CM 3
60 CM 3 1/2
61 CM 4
62 CM 4 1/2


Adult and Kids hat size chart (Premier Equine
52-54 CM Small
55-57 CM Medium

58-60 CM