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The Be Nice Halter is an excellent and humane training device now manufactured in the UK. The design is patented and although there have been some imitations manufactured, nothing else is as effective.

Why the Be Nice Halter? When you are handling your horse, you are not always in a training situation, whether using a hot-walker, lunging, ponying, leading or tying. If you do your everyday handling with the Be Nice Halter, you are in better control at all times. You can correct and discipline in an instant, so that your animal will never develop any bad habits.

The halter works on the simple principle that when the horse resists, pressure is automatically applied and when the animal begins to co-operate, the pressure is automatically released. Therefore, it is not just a restraint, but a very effective training device as well.

The Be Nice Halter is constructed from braid-on-braid nylon/dacron rope.

The rings and side buckle are made of cast bronze.

The slide is of a high-tensile moulded nylon.

We have great confidence in the materials and workmanship of the Be Nice Halter.

Please note: These halters tend to come up on the small side so please ensure the next size up is ordered for your horse or pony (ie if your horse generally takes a cob size it is advisable that you order the Average Horse size in these halters).

Colours: Black

Product ref: BNC 

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