Kentucky Grooming Deluxe Oval Soft Body Brush

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Treat your horse (and yourself) to the amazing Grooming Deluxe Oval Soft Body Brush to get a super-shiny coat with maximum comfort.

Designed by a professional groom, this grooming brush has a varnished oval back that is anatomically shaped to fit the contours of your hand perfectly for optimum grooming comfort.

The grips on the side and cotton strap help you hold the brush securely too.

The brush is filled with short nylon bristles to help distribute the oils within your horse's coat evenly and produce a gleaming shine.

It is ideal for use on clipped, sensitive horses or those with a thinner coat.

Is has been developed to be durable and can be easily cleaned by dipping the brush into warm soapy water.

The Grooming Deluxe Oval Soft Body Brush is available in one size only.

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