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Cashel® Crusader™ Pasture Fly Mask Standard 

The Cashel Crusader Fly Mask is uniquely designed with eye darts and a close fit to give your horse protection and comfort. Fly masks discourage flies from irritating your horse and keep your horse happy in the field! Each fly mask by Cashel is hand-made with the unique three-hole cap for ears and forelock providing stability and a great fit.


This is the standard fly mask. There are variations which include long nose and with or without ears. 

Why buy the Cashel Fly Mask?

With the unique eye dart design this fly mask keeps well away from your horse's eyes making it safer and more comfortable. The fly mask is designed to fit your horse's head without gaping at the edges and this close fit will keep flies from crawling inside the mask. The mesh is plastic coated and durable for those horses inclined to 'play' in the field and even better, it blocks 70% of damaging UV rays and reduces symptoms of Head Shaking Syndrome. 

Fly Mask Details

  • Rated Number 1 for the last five years by top USA publications, Horse Journal and Perfect Horse
  • Also provides shade with UV protective mesh for light-coloured horses that sunburn easily
  • Grey mesh with black trim
  • Selecting a size is simple, just match it to your halter size
  • 70% UV protection 
  • Lighter material to reduce heat and reflection


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