ThinLine Grazing Muzzle and Headcollar

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  • Softer, lighter and less behaviourally restrictive than anything else on the market
  • Safe, pliable food-grade material
  • UV skin protection infused
  • Loved by equine vets and dentists for lack of wear
  • Well ventilated and incredibly flexible
  • Radically improves natural foraging behaviour and normal herd life traits
  • Easy hydration from water buckets, troughs, or automatic waterers
  • Clear and easy monitoring to remove trapped stones, splinters and insects

The number one grazing muzzle in both the USA and UK.The grazing muzzle is made from one of the most durable polymers on the planet.  It is fungal, mould and UV resistant.  It is safe, effective and durable.  There are no “off-gassing”  materials so they are safe near the nostrils.  Even if accidentally ingested the polymers pass USA food safety regulations.  The muzzle is ideal for slowing down speedy eaters, limiting grazing, and can help curb minor cribbing problems. The muzzle can also keep horses from chewing on leg wraps, wood, or blankets. It works extremely well with all automatic waterers and has UV protection which works much like sunscreen for those delicate noses

Small -19 inches - mini/pony

Medium - 21 inches cob/horse

Large - 23 inches oversized

The grazing muzzle can ft most head-collars and fitting instructions are included with the product, there is also a handy fitting video below:




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